Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 Reflection and discovery, 2014 action

It's the end of another year and I realised I have been completely neglecting this blog in favor of my other one. Shameless blog plug- :)
The Other Side

For 2014 My new years resolution is... Authors blog neglect ends now. To tell the truth I wasn't sure what to put on this page. I'm on the slow train of multiple rewrites for more than one project and it feels like I'm not getting anywhere fast.

Spring Snow, A Pear Tree Weeps
Yet, that wouldn't be completely true. Creatively this year has been very fruitful whether is has been exploring color, light and texture through the lens of my camera, experimenting with the short story format, or dabbling in digital art.

 Back to the photography though... The pictures here are a visual retrospect of 2013- as I saw it.

The world around us is a precious place. It's beauty feeds us. It's a feast for the eyes, heart and mind, all we have to do is look close enough. 
Shadows of Each Other
The visual arts has always been my way of expressing complex emotions or ideas that I can't fully put into words.

So here is my world
The world I see.
The world that I write about
The world that love.


I'm also on Deviant Art here:

Slow Awakening

The Creation Cycle




Reflect: Mirrors of Our Culture
Telephone Books before the Red Door- An Urbex Landscape

Joy and Light
Homecoming One Wet Christmas Night

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