Thursday, 26 June 2014

Flash Little Pieces...of Science Fiction

The Future Is Short: presents 57 Science Fiction Micro-tales by 31 Authors

Step through the borders of reality in these 57 evocative tales by 31 science fiction authors.

Discover wonders and horrors of science and speculation in this sparkling collection. Swift to read but unforgettable, each story evokes a universe, a concept, a feeling human or alien.

Visit time’s ghosts on Mars; wake to unseen new dimensions. Explore alien love and hate, human inspiration and revenge. Observe worlds and civilizations of the far future; wonder with aliens at human lives and actions. In these tales, each under 725 words, find truth and laughter, comedy and tragedy. Explore a universe of heaven and hell redefined.

*The Future Is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash, an anthology of 57 microstories by 31 authors, edited by Jot Russell, Paula Friedman, and Carrol Fix. Lillicat Publishers 2014, all standard ebook format editions available June 29, 2014, print edition by early July.* 

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