Monday, 16 June 2014

Reflections from Christchurch Writers

The Christchurch Writers Guild has released it's first creative writing Anthology. It is a collection of poems and stories by local writers here in Christchurch, NZ. Each story and poem is a journey into the writers unique perspective and the anthology itself crosses many genres.

While it was being put together, I read through some of the works. I found myself entranced by Angela Oliver's haunting tale of Niamh's birth and early life, intrigued by Beaulah Pragg's, Caterina, and utterly stunned (in an extremely good way) by Jonathan Kingston-Smith's, Underglass. Jim's, Grounded left me smiling, it is a story that both adults and children can enjoy.  Shelley's story named, At The Water's Edge added that touch of romance which I longed for and the writing style was effortlessly beautiful. I've just mentioned a few of the stories here but there are many more to recommend.

My own short story, Ned's Hallelujah is amongst the collection, so here's a short, self-promoting blurb

Ned has problems, least of all being Mish, the likely spawn of some infernal under-lord. Day by day Ned's stuck cleaning up after imbeciles and sometimes it seems he's more a janitor, than the head of security on this star ship. Ned doesn't have a friend in the world, or so it seems, but sometimes salvation comes in pretty, and odd packages.

You can buy Reflections on Kindle here...

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