Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Once Were Angels Part 1

So after having a long break from the writing over the summer months I'm slowly getting back into it.  First thing on my agenda is continuing last years NaNoWriMo Novel (now renamed Once Were Angels)
In case you peeps are curious. Here's a little snippet from the opening...

Chapter 1

(The Visitor) Illustration by Joey Cataliotti
To those he might pass on the street, the visitor would look young and serious. They would say, there goes a man preoccupied, squashed under some heavy burdensome thing, crushed by his own cares.

That was far kinder assessment of his character than his own kind would give him.  Behind his denuded, forever scarred back, THEY would glare, mutter and rage.
He didn’t care. He flinched, turning the words over and over in his mind, willing them to become truth. Speaking of—long ago it so happened that truth became lies and lies became truth. The worlds turned and there was no going back, only forward, ever forward. A calamity of circumstance. Tops gone turvy.

Everyone craves purpose and acceptance. And it was that unfortunate truth (wrapped in lies) that had brought him here, walking down this street—walking toward her.  He moved swiftly, his long-legged momentum was god-like, unstoppable, though to the particularly observant eye the strides might teeter on frantic. The visitor was in fact a man plummeting (fallen far) though one could not be certain if his destination would end in death or salvation.

... (to be continued)

I'm still working on that opening and even if it's not exactly right yet I'm pretty confident I'm heading in the right direction. AT LAST!   
It's at this point I'm going to recommend critique partners. They are really, really helpful! One of the reasons I've probably progressed so slowly in the past is that I have been holding back from getting critiques because heck! I know that there are things that don't work in my stories. "Somethings not right, but I'm not completely sure what it is..." Without confirmation I was blundering round in the dark and it's so damn easy to get over-zealous (cut,cut,cut) "oops I've thrown out the baby with the bathwater."
Critique partners can really help illuminate things-- those stinky little problem areas, as well as the dang-flashy rock-star bits that work. You see the process of writing can create such a whirlwind of ideas that it's uber-easy to get lost in them. A good critique partner is like a compass. They can point you in the right direction and help you find your story's north again. 

I'm gonna follow this up soon with more from Once Were Angels, and a few more concept sketches done by both myself and my wonderful illustrator Joey Cataliotti.

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